Hot Wheels Race Off review

Most of the guys who played with cars when they were young probably remember the hot wheels cars from Mattel. Maybe some
of you still have them or you have kids now who play with them.
Now you can play with them again on your smartphone or tablet!!
Hutch games released Hot Wheels: Race off a while ago and it seems to be a big success. Like many other hill climbing games you have to race over a track and you only need two controls.
You can speed up and slow down, these two are also used to balance the car when you are in the air.
Some hill climbing games are easy, but hot wheels race off can be difficult from time to time. For some tracks you need to be careful that you are racing on the right speed to make it to the finish.
You can race with different cars and upgrade them all with the coins that you can win by racing the tracks.

The graphics are pretty good and the game is good enough to entertain you for hours and hours of racing!
Not sure if this game is something for you? Check out the gameplay video’s below to see if it’s something for you or not.

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