Conchita Worst – Rise Like A Penis

Chonchita Wurst sings Rise like a penis during the eurovision song contest

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Rectum Raiders – Satisfaction

Rectum Raiders with a strange cover of satisfaction
You just have to watch the videoclip to believe it!

I have to warn you.. it’s the explicit version.

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Lifehack: How to open a bottle of wine with a shoe!

If you ever get in the situation that you have a bottle of wine, but you don’t have a cork screw then this
is the perfect way to open the bottle of wine.

All you need is a wall, a shoe and of course a bottle of wine 🙂

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Do you remember Mr. T from the A Team?

Probably everybody remembers Mr. T from the A Team..
The big strong guy who was afraid of flying.. Well we’ve found a video that shows a different side
of mr T!!!
Check out this video:

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Scary Ghost Elevator Prank

In Brazil they know how to prank people on a very scary way!

Check out this Ghost elevator prank… You would wet your pants for sure if it would happen to you!

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A very funny horse

This horse will surprise you for sure!!

Just look what trick he presents you 🙂

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Martial Arts fail compilation

Many people love to watch martial arts, but of course it also goes wrong from time to time.
We’ve found a great martial arts fail compilation!

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Banned Adam and Eve commercial

This Adam and Eve commercial from a Dutch insurance was banned from tv.

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Awesome chucky bus prank

Do you guys remember the child’s play movies? If you do then you also remember Chucky.
Check out this genius chucky bus prank in Brazil!

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Guy sees his wife again after surgery

This guy had a hernia operation and he’s waking up from the anesthesia.
He’s married to his wife for a couple of years, but he doesn’t remember anything of it on that moment.
Just check out his great reaction when he sees his wife for the “first” time.

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