Candy crush soda saga

Candy Crush Soda Saga

Some of you might have noticed it.. There is a new candy crush saga game!
I’ve seen a android version of it and it’s available on facebook. Maybe not everyone has
access to it yet, because the did a “soft” release just like they did with bubble witch saga 2.

What is a “soft” release? It means that it is only released in a few countries, probably to test it
before they release it for everyone.
Like i said before they did the same with bubble witch saga 2..
That was in a beta version available in only a few countries before it was released all over the world.

Candy crush soda saga is very similar to the “old” candy crush saga. You still have to combine 3
or more candies to reach your goals, but in this game it’s all about bears!

Your probably thinking: Bears? WTF do bears have to do with candy? Well it are gummy bears 🙂

At this moment king has two different type of levels. Both are similar to the type of levels you know from candy crush saga.
First you will see the break the ice levels. These levels are almost the same as clearing the
jelly levels
know from candy crush saga. But in these break the ice levels you don’t have to break all the ice, you
have to find the gummy bears that are hidden underneath it.
The other kind of levels that you will see are the soda levels. In these levels you need to raise the
level of soda, so that the gummy bear can reach the candy string.
This can be done by combining 2 or more candies with a bottle of the same color,
this way you will see the soda raise.
These soda levels are similar to the levels in candy crush saga where you have to collect the ingredients.
The difference is that instead of collecting ingredients by moving them down you
have to raise the soda to bring the gummy bear to the top.

At this moment there are 75 levels available. The first couple of levels are very easy,
but of course later on it gets harder and harder.
Like in all the other games of it’s possible to complete all the levels without power-ups,
but of course it’s not that easy in the higher levels.
Whenever you are stuck on a level it might even be very usefull to use some power-ups,
so that you can continue your way to complete all the levels.

Overall this new candy crush game is fun to play and it gives a new dimension to way
you’ve used to play the “old” candy crush saga.
King has done a great job with this new candy crush game, i’m sure lots of people will enjoy playing it!

You can play this game here: Play candy crush soda saga on facebook

Click here if your looking for some vids that can help you passing some levels.